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Inauguration - LAU Beirut

Training Session I - LAU Beirut

Training Session II - LAU Beirut

Training Session III - LAU Beirut

Final Conference

Knowledge & Skill Based Training

Conflict resolution skills including the art of coalition building, communications, negotiations, open debate and resolution writing as well as simulation exercises; Diplomatic skills with extensive knowledge about African Union procedures and rules of diplomatic and protocol representation; Knowledge-based training in country demographic, economic, political; and Advocacy training in civic engagement and social service in order to better serve the civic society and the philanthropic causes in Lebanon.

Aim of the Program

Creating a culture of dissemination of knowledge about the African World; Promoting values of peace, democracy, and justice; Teaching practical leadership skills; Introducing and discussing social, economic, cultural, and political issues facing African countries; and Training students on management skills, use of parliamentary procedure, and the dynamics of debating.

Student Ambassadors

High School students act as ambassadors for the African Union countries and tackle the problems of sustainable development, menacing epidemics, poverty, the spread of weapons of mass destruction, and environmental and ecological threats.