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The Model African Union is an internationally known simulation of the African Union and its agencies. The Lebanese American University is proud to launch its first ever High School Model African Union program. The purpose of the program is to bring Lebanese High School students and the community at large the opportunity to deeply explore the African Union and its strategic geographic potential. The AU Member States and their thriving economic and human capabilities, and the interconnection and interrelatedness at the commercial, cultural, and social levels will be examined in order to understand the nature of the African continent in world politics.

The Training Sessions increase students’ cognition about African Union, rules of procedure in an African Union conference, research and interpretation skills, writing a position paper, public speaking and role playing, conflict resolution and negotiations, caucusing and resolution writing, among others.

By the end of these sessions, the students will become delegates (representatives) of countries and AU political parties who take part in African Union session simulations. The simulations occur over the course of a two-day Conference where students play the role of African leaders and discuss various current topics.


Awarded students who decide to enroll at LAU for their higher education will receive a specific amount of scholarship:

  • All recipients of the Secretary General award, who decide to enroll in LAU for their higher education, will receive a 50% scholarship.
  • All recipients of the Diplomacy award, who decide to enroll in LAU for their higher education, will receive a 25% scholarship.