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Our Team

Kamal Baroudi

Director of Public Information

Kamal Baroudi is a fourth-year student Majoring in Graphic Design and a Minor in Animation at LAU Beirut. He is currently the captain of the Football Varsity team at the University.  He was a member of the Public Information team in MAL two years ago as graphic designer and video editor and became the Associate Director last year. He has a passion in animating and creating videos in his free time. He has worked for an animation company called ‘Caustik’ for 2 years and recently working for an advertising company called ‘The Department’. He is excited for the 1st year of MAU because he worked in this field for 2 years and believes he can do a better job this year. With a good team, Kamal will be serving as the Director of Public Information in the 1st LAU Model African League.

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