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Marc Tohme

Assistant Director of Training and Educational Development

Marc is a fourth year student at LAU pursuing a Teaching Diploma after completing a degree in Political Science and International Affairs. He has been a trainer at the GCLAUMUN, LAUMAL and LAUMEU for the past three years, training over three hundred delegates from all around Lebanon. This led him to serve in the daises of nine committees, as a director, commissioner, president and chair. For the past three years, he took part of the Educational Development Team of GCLAUMUN which required him to write Background Guides for various committees such as the UNSC and SOCHUM. Marc also participated at the GCIMUN conferences in New York four times in both its Middle and High School editions as a dais member in the ILO, ECOFIN, UNIDO and UNSC. He traveled to New York one more time in 2019 to attend the GOLD Conference held by LAU where he chaired the UNHCR. Additionally, he took part of LAU’s delegation to the Harvard WorldMUN twice, where he received Verbal Commendations for his participation in the UNHRC in 2017 and in the CCPCJ in 2019. Outside of the OCE Simulation Models, Marc founded the Human Rights Club at the LAU Byblos Campus and served on its board for two years. He was also a member of the International Affairs Club and both a writer and an editor at LAU’s newspaper Mosaic. Marc is humbled to serve as the Assistant Director for Training and Educational Development at the first LAU Model African Union.

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